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Our History

1952: Brothers Burl and Raymond Hooker founded the company in Grand Island an Agricultural Lime Trucking Firm.
1955: Expanded into the Agricultural Leveling Business.
1962: Partnered with Carl McKenzie Trucking in Arkansas Supplying Aggregates.
1965: Awarded first contract with Nebraska Department of Roads. (Hwy 281 G.I. South)
1967: Became incorporated in the state of Nebraska.
1973: Began its first gravel pumping operation.
1977: The present day office and shop were built west of Grand Island and the first two caterpillar 627B’s were purchased.
1978: The first contract over $500,000 was awarded to Hooker Brothers Inc. (Platte Generating Station in Grand Island, Ne.)
1983: Awarded first contract with the Bureau of Reclamation. First contract over a million dollars. (Calamus Road Relocation – Burwell, Ne.)
1985: The first commercially owned borrow pit began operation. The first contract over $2 million. (Geranium Canal and Pump Station – Ord, Ne.)
1986: The first fleet of Belly Dump Trucks were purchased.
1992-1993: Awarded largest contract to date, and finished the first contract over $5 million. (Kent Canal and Diversion – Burwell, Ne. )
1994: Completed the last segment of the Loup Valley Irrigation System from the Calamus Dam – 12 years of construction.
1998: Purchased a second commercially owned property for a borrow source.
1999: Hooker Brothers Inc. changed its name to Hooker Brothers Construction Company.
2000: Implemented a governing Corporate Board of Directors.
2001: Awarded Phase 1 of Burdick Station Power Plant in Grand Island for
2002: 50th Year in Business Celebration. Awarded the Wood River Flood Protection Project for $5,979,000.
  • Completed the Wood River Flood Control Project.
  • Began construction and survey on Heartland Recreation Facility.
  • Completed U.S. Army Corps Wood River Flood Control Project.
  • Constructed Railroad Siding and Platte Valley Ethanol Site
  • Constructed Walmart South and North projects simultaneously.
  • Began lot and street development on Platte View Estates in Hamilton County.
  • Continued constructiong a series on Ethanol Plants and facilities in the surrounding area.
  • Completed Walmart South and North Grading.
  • Began paving infrastructure and marketing of Platte View Estates.
  • Purchased Timberline commercial property for borrow.
  • Completed Heartland Recreation Facility.
  • Began construction on state’s largest Ethanol Facility in Ravenna, Ne.
  • First home construction commenced at Platte View Estates.
  • Purchased first GPS base station & rover survey system.
  • Hooker Brothers Construction purchased Jack Rabbit Development to facilitate borrow needs.
  • Purchased first automated grade control Motor Grader.
Present Day: Today Hooker Brothers Construction Company has currently $6.1 million in equipment assets. $7.5 million in corporate holdings. Annual revenue of 4 million and bonding capacity of $39 million annually.